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Ballet Level III
Ballet Level IV
Ballet Level V
(Approximate Ages 13-18)

In levels 3, 4, and 5, students take 90 minute traditional ballet classes. Each class consists of a full barre as well as center work: adagio, pirouettes, petite and grand allegros. The complexity and rigors of the class increase markedly as students progress from one level to the next. At the culmina-tion of level five, students have been prepared for professional level training. In addition, students in the senior levels take pointe classes. There are five pointe levels: pre-pointe through advanced pointe. This range of levels allows dancers train their pointe work in a methodical and thorough fashion. The end result is dancers who develop pointe work that is both strong and articulate.

Senior Level students have an opportunity to
perform in the Annual Gala Performance..

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